Winchester .45 Auto ammo Elite PDX1 Defender 230 grain Bonded Jacketed HP 20 rounds

Winchester Elite PDX1 Defender 45 AUTO Bonded Jacketed HP Hollow Point 230 Grain 20 Rounds

Winchester Ballistic Silvertip .243 Win 95 Grain 20 Rounds

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Winchester Ballistic Silvertip 243 Win 95 Gr Rapid Controlled Expansion Polymer Tip for Deer and Antelope

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Manufacturer Winchester
Brand Ballistic Silvertip
Caliber .243 Winchester
Bullet Weight 95 Grain
Bullet Type Ballistic Silvertip - Ballistic Poly Silvertip Boat Tail
Case Type Brass - Nickel Plated
Rounds per Box/Package 20
Country of Manufacture United States
Load Use / Quarry Large Game
Manufacturer SKU SBST243A
UPC 020892210707
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